Consulting Services

We have been improving business efficiency through technology for over 20 years. We are able to offer a turnkey consulting service where we assess your needs and then provide you with options, discussing the benefits of each option and a strategy to achieve the best outcome for your business.

To find out more about how we can help you achive more efficient business operations, please give us a call on + 61 468 717 935 or submit an enquiry

Needs Analysis

The needs analysis is a vital first step when we engage with a new customer. We find out what it is exactly that you need addressed. We will discuss problem areas in your business and solution options. Essentially we are looking for ways to improve the operational efficiency of your business through implementation of software systems. This means that we look for ways to improve processes, streamline operations and remove obstacles that are preventing your business from running smoothly.

Requirements Elicitation

The process of requirements elicitation is where we work with you to fully understand what you need. We will produce a business requirements specification document, that is sufficiently detailed as to include the scope of works as well as the proposed components to be built, thier dependencies and available options as well as time and cost estimates (development costs may change due to the agile methodology).

Functional Requirements

We will produce a functional requirements specification document including each functional area that is complex enough to require such detail, explaining the functional area and how it will work in granular detail. This will be the basis for test scripts that will be used to verify and accept all functional areas of systems built.

Technical Design Specification

Based on the functional requirements, we will produce a detailed design technical specification, which will include application architecture, service dependency, class model and data model. This ensures that the software that we build is well designed before any code is written. This will avoid problems that can be experienced by 'designing while building', which is something that we don't do.

Agile Methodology

As we work according to the Agile methodology, we will approach your software development work using the Fibonacci method of sizing tasks. We use the Agile concepts of Epics, Stories, Features, Bugs, Tasks, Backlog etc. to define and manage the workload, ensuring rapid application development.

Process Improvement

We specialise in process improvement and automation. Our key focus is to help you to improve the efficiency of your business through technology. We strive to reduce paper and make sure that your processes have the least amount of steps and provide a high level of customer satisfaction. We are highly experienced in process mapping and documentation, producing role based process maps that clearly define the optimum operational aspects of your business. We then set about building and implementing those processes into operational software systems