Point Of Sale Software

POS Manager Point Of Sale

POS Manager Point Of Sale is a comprehensive point of sale program that includes all the functionality required to run a busy retail business. The interface is intuitive and caters for barcode scanning, item code and/or description lookup. POS Manager Point Of Sale is dependent on one of the POS Manager back office programs, either Express or Professional.

POS Manager Point Of Sale includes document types such as Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Tax Invoices, POS Receipts, Item Returns and Refunds. There is also full Start Of Day and End Of Day, with Cash Up and Daily Float. All transaction types can be searched, reprinted, parked and resumed.

Point Of Sale Express

POS Manager Point Of Sale Express is designed for busy checkout lanes and is focused on Barcode scanning or lookup only. The main use of Point Of Sale Express is in busy supermarkets where customer information is not usually entered or used at point of sale other than the recording of customer loyalty via integration with loyalty card systems.

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Point Of Sale Professional

In addition to all the features found in POS Manager Point Of Sale, the Professional Point Of Sale also includes Layby Invoices, Stock Lookups, Customer Account Management, Account Payments, Dual Screen (customer facing), Customer Back Orders and Customer Transaction History.

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Point Of Sale Enterprise

For larger enterprises that have many branches, we offer a connected system with centralised data. Our enterprise solution allows for multiple branches, each with its own inventory locations. Our system is unique at its price point in the way that it caters for multi company, multi branch, with any of your customers being able to access thier purchase history from any branch.

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