Systems Integrator

Systems Integrators for POS Manager are usually people or businesses  who work in the fields of IT systems sales services, software development and systems integration.

A typical systems integrator will be active in the business community, helping their clients with IT services such as software devlopment, integration and configuration as well as hardware procurement and installation.

We prefer to work with IT businesses that specialise in inventory mangement and point of sale systems integration into ERP systems.

We offer systems integrators full support, which means, we will work with the systems integrator to win the business of the client.

We assist with product demonstrations, software customisation, implementation, support and training. The systems integrator works with Unisoft Systems in a joint venture collaboratively delivering the client the best possible solution.

The systems integrator has access to the appropriate documentation including systems design and integration frameworks and patterns, which are used to deliver bespoke integration between the client environment and the Unisoft Product Suite.

To enquire about becoming a systems integrator, please complete the partner enquiry form.