Our History

Unisoft Systems began in 1994 with a innovative program called CD Manager, a point of sale and inventory management system for the music industry. The program was the result of 2 years software development combined with input and advice from retail music store owners, music importers and distributors and the music industry wholesalers.

From 1997 - 2004 the product grew in functionality as more stores came online, which resulted in a lot of feedback to us and so we improved the software by adding the features that our customers needed most. The code base was also ported to create a generic point of sale and inventory management system, which is now our flagship product Unisoft POS Manager.

In 2004 we began a complete rewrite of the POS Manager product suite which was completed in 2006. The new product was designed to run on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform with a completely redesigned object oriented architecture.

The design of this architecture has proven to be so robust and scalable that when the time came in 2009 to port the software to a service oriented architecture and to use a cloud based repository, very few changes were needed. At the same time as we cloud enabled our software we also went into the business of hosting so that we could provide a turnkey service to our clients.

From 2009 - 2010 we again improved the technology, and we are now constantly tweaking the product suite to take advantage of new technology when there is a practical advantage to be had. We do not simply change our software to the latest fashion just for the sake of change.

Our Capabilities

After 25 years developing software, specialising in business systems, we offer a product suite of 10 program interfaces that have evolved to meet the needs of our customers, with constant updates to the technology layer to make the most of emerging technologies as they become mainstream.

Our functionality covers CRM, Marketing, Call Logging, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Bill Of Materials, Job Scheduling, Point Of Sale, Hospitality, Multi Currency, Multi Company, Multi Branch, Multi Stock Location with extensive Dashboards and Reporting.

The program interfaces can run against a database that is either on premise or in the cloud. We host websites, webstores and SQL Server databases. This enables us to provide one solution to our clients that covers all the aspects of running an inventory based business with muiltiple sales portals.

We have a mature, robust and scalable software solution that is affordable and easy to use.  We are confident that our software is stable and reliable, with useful functions that make your life easier.

Our customers benefit because we don't have to spend much time fixing or patching our software and therefore most of our development effort goes into new functionality and making the product as good as it can be.

We have spent the best part of 15 years refining our data model and perfecting a system that caters for a broad range of users out of the box. We only have one code base, most software products in our industry have a different code base at each client.

As a customer wishing to purchase a software product to run your business, you have to be certain that the product you invest in will stand the test of time and that your vendor will be around in ten years time to help your business as it grows. We can offer that certainty.

Our Goals, Vision and Values

Our primary goal is to solve the day to day problems encountered by business owners through the development support and ongoing maintenance of excellent software. We spend the majority of our time making our software as good as possible, so that our clients get to have the benefit of reliable and affordable software that improves their business efficiency.

Our vision is to constantly improve our product and to make sure that it is always competitive and able to offer real value to our customers at an afforable price. We see our customers as partners in business and we collaborate with them.

Our values are to offer a reasonably priced product that exceeds the expectations of our clients. To deal honestly and with integrity and to remain managed and operated by the owners of the business, providing personalised service to our loyal customers.

Our Future

Our future will include increasing our footprint in the retail software arena, and to stay innovative and affordable. We intend to grow our business organically by converting more sites to use our excellent software product. We intend to remain a privately held company that is big enough to provide excellent product, support and service but still small enough to know our customers personally.